14th Mar 2022
5 Types of Phishing Attacks (and How to Avoid Them)
Phishing attacks are a form of social engineering where a cybercriminal imitates a trusted entity ...
3rd Mar 2022
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22nd Feb 2022
Why your business needs a disaster recovery plan
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15th Feb 2022
How moving to the cloud can benefit not-for-profit organisations
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11th Feb 2022
Passwordless Authentication: Benefits, Challenges and Deployment Options
Poor password hygiene remains a key security weakness for many businesses. All employees know that ...
2nd Feb 2022
How to create a comprehensive security ecosystem
Just as the way businesses use technology has changed over the past 5 years, so too ...
25th Jan 2022
Microsoft 365 Business Standard vs. Premium: Which is right for your business?
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18th Jan 2022
How to increase employee engagement with Microsoft Yammer
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11th Jan 2022
Key challenges of endpoint security
The rise of hybrid working has forever changed how businesses must view their security posture. ...
5th Jan 2022
Why businesses should migrate to SharePoint Online
Microsoft SharePoint was launched 2001 and over the past 20 years has massively grown in popularity with ...
22nd Dec 2021
Hybrid Work: What’s next for hybrid work in 2022
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14th Dec 2021
The 6 worst cyberattacks of 2021
2021 has been a year of digital transformation for all businesses. The widespread adoption of remote ...
1st Dec 2021
What to do if you fall victim to a cyberattack
Between 2020 and 2021, 4 in 10 businesses and a quarter of charities reported some form of cybersecurity breach ...
23rd Nov 2021
Why businesses should implement single sign-on (SSO)
Businesses typically have subscriptions to many different cloud services, including everything from Microsoft 365 products to ...
19th Nov 2021
Work smarter in Microsoft OneNote with these 10 tips
Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking app that is packed full of features. It is ...
16th Nov 2021
How technology can help businesses retain employees and build a positive company culture
It’s no secret that one of the key factors that contributes to a business’...
9th Nov 2021
Windows 11: Is now the right time for your business to upgrade?
Microsoft’s Windows 11 has now been available for a month, and many users have already ...
2nd Nov 2021
Key Cybersecurity Considerations for the Construction Sector
All industries have undergone a period of digital transformation over the past two decades. The ...
26th Oct 2021
Mobile Device Security: 5 common mobile device security threats
As the cybersecurity threat landscape continues to grow, most businesses have been working to improve ...
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Key benefits of moving to a cloud-based phone system
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How moving to the cloud accelerates digital transformation
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5th Oct 2021
IT Outsourcing: 6 aspects to consider when selecting an IT provider
Digital technology is essential to the operation of most businesses. Without comprehensive IT systems and ...
30th Sep 2021
How an e-signature solution can transform your employee onboarding process
The advent of remote and hybrid working has fundamentally changed the employee onboarding process. One ...
23rd Sep 2021
Hybrid Working: How technology can support your move to hybrid working
The move to a hybrid workplace promises a myriad of benefits including increased collaboration, productivity ...
7th Sep 2021
How Azure Virtual Desktop can improve your security posture
One of the key challenges businesses have faced over the past 18 months of remote and ...
31st Aug 2021
Hybrid Meetings: 7 steps to running an effective hybrid meeting
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24th Aug 2021
SMB Cybersecurity: 6 ways small businesses can stay secure
With the prevalence of cybersecurity attacks, all businesses are at risk of a cyberattack, regardless ...
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What is a CRM and how can it help your business
Regardless of the size of a business or the industry it operates in, the key ...
10th Aug 2021
Are you properly backing up your business’s data?
A business’s data is one of their most important assets and without it, they ...
3rd Aug 2021
Work smarter in Outlook with these 10 tips
Microsoft first released their email client known as Microsoft Internet Mail and News in 1996. Since ...
27th Jul 2021
How Dynamics 365 can support SMB growth
As a small-medium business it is important to utilise technology that scales as your business ...
20th Jul 2021
Introducing Azure: 5 ways Azure can save your business time and money
The Azure cloud platform contains more than 200 products and cloud services. These products and services ...
12th Jul 2021
How Azure Virtual Desktop can support key industries
Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) was released as Windows Virtual Desktop in 2019 and has continued to ...
6th Jul 2021
8 features of Microsoft 365 you might not know about
Microsoft applications have been a mainstay of businesses for many years now. Due to the ...
28th Jun 2021
Windows 11: Six interesting new features from Microsoft
6 years ago, Microsoft released Windows 10, the successor to relatively short-lived Windows 8. Microsoft has just announced ...
28th Jun 2021
4 Reasons why you should enable Multifactor Authentication on Microsoft 365
70% of individuals lack a high degree of confidence that their passwords can adequately protect their ...
21st Jun 2021
How to make the hybrid workplace work effectively
A recent study has shown that 70% of employees are wanting flexible work options to continue ...
14th Jun 2021
Print anywhere with Universal Print through Azure
Many companies have moved the majority of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. The move ...
7th Jun 2021
The Future is Virtual: Benefits of moving to Windows Virtual Desktop
Before the days of cloud computing, virtual desktops were deployed by running VDI pods that ...
1st Jun 2021
Passwordless Authentication – Security and convenience with Azure AD
With 4 in 10 UK businesses reporting security breaches in the last 12 months it can be difficult ...
24th May 2021
6 ways to improve your IT security and avoid a ransomware attack
The recent ransomware attacks on the Irish Health Service show that, regardless of size or ...
17th May 2021
Unified Communications (Messaging) and why it’s important in Teams
Microsoft Teams recently hit the milestone of 145 million active users, with much of the focus ...
10th May 2021
How to protect Microsoft 365 with Cyber Backup
Microsoft 365 has long been the primary productivity solution for enterprises, but recently it has also ...
4th May 2021
Before March 2020, many of us viewed working from home as something reserved for cutting-edge tech ...
26th Apr 2021
How do you protect against phishing attacks?
Phishing attempts are so common now that you’d be hard pressed to find an ...
19th Apr 2021
What’s at stake when your email signature is out of sync?
It’s a very common problem, and one that we’ve all faced before. You ...
12th Apr 2021
Top cloud challenges for healthcare businesses
With lives and patient wellbeing potentially on the line, the healthcare industry has typically been ...
6th Apr 2021
The importance of call recording for key industries
When you think of call recording, you might think of a robot telling you that ...
22nd Mar 2021
5 lessons to be learned from 2020 security breaches
It’s an undoubted fact that the global pandemic of 2020/21 will leave businesses operating in ...
15th Mar 2021
Microsoft Teams for Teachers in 2021
Adoption of Microsoft Teams by commercial businesses has made headlines over the world, but the ...
8th Mar 2021
A quick guide to holding a successful Teams Live event
In the strange world we’re living in, virtual events gone from being optional supplements ...
1st Mar 2021
Microsoft Power Apps are helping businesses break down remote collaboration barriers
While Microsoft 365 is more or less a ‘household’ name, fewer people have heard of Microsoft ...
26th Feb 2021
How cloud can help charities stay resilient
The role that not-for-profit businesses play in society has evolved significantly over the years. In ...
22nd Feb 2021
4 handy Microsoft Teams features to take advantage of
A year into the pandemic, businesses continue to look for permanent solutions to combat the ...
19th Feb 2021
How Microsoft 365 can help you simplify GDPR
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in the news a lot over the ...
15th Feb 2021
The importance of employee engagement within the financial sector
The financial sector can be volatile. Employees are expected to react rapidly to developments while ...
11th Feb 2021
Your guide to a successful cloud migration
The cloud provides businesses with the opportunity to improve operations, agility, security, cost efficiency and ...
8th Feb 2021
The technologies that could transform the legal industry
The legal industry faces unique challenges when it comes to technology. They must adhere to ...
1st Feb 2021
Our key predictions for cloud in 2021
The pandemic has created a challenging and threatening environment for businesses over the last year. ...
28th Jan 2021
Reactive to proactive: Here’s how to evolve your disaster recovery strategy
The security climate has evolved over the past decade; and organisations must adapt to remain ...
25th Jan 2021
A quick guide to using breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams
Virtual meetings have become increasingly popular in the last 5 years but pose a fundamental challenge: ...
22nd Jan 2021
Pros and cons of the hybrid working model
Since Covid-19 first shook the world early last year, businesses have been trying to successfully ...
19th Jan 2021
The Microsoft Teams apps that can help you deliver more effective meetings
Virtual meetings are now an integral part of business as usual for many companies, primarily ...
14th Jan 2021
3 key focuses for improving your flexible working strategy this year
2020 marked a rapid shift for businesses as they were forced to undergo complex digital transformations ...
11th Jan 2021
What financial services sector needs to know about cybersecurity
Financial services companies contribute £130 billion per year to the UK economy. A huge bucket of ...
4th Jan 2021
Are you getting the right remote working support from your IT provider?
Efficient and reliable IT support can make or break a business’ productivity; but it’s ...
21st Dec 2020
IT priorities for small businesses in 2021
Small businesses are poised to enter a new year that, for the first time, is ...
14th Dec 2020
Hiring remote workers: your onboarding checklist
Working from home is a phenomenon that isn’t going away. Businesses and employees have ...
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Do you know how hackers attack?
The workplace has transformed rapidly over the past ten years, as enterprises look to take ...
30th Nov 2020
How e-signatures can offer value and ROI for your business
E-signature technology doesn’t often catch headlines, but behind the scenes its market has been ...
23rd Nov 2020
Visions of a post-pandemic workforce
With the heavy impact Covid-19 has had on economies, jobs, and business operations, the prevailing ...
16th Nov 2020
A guide to surviving full-time remote working
As the country continues to work remotely, we've heard a lot about the benefits – no ...
13th Nov 2020
Microsoft Teams will reduce meeting background noise with artificial intelligence
Remote working has certainly had its benefits in the last 7 months, but it’s not ...
10th Nov 2020
Can your employees work from home?
But, with today’s sky-high costs for office locations, less rigidly defined workplace environments are ...
10th Nov 2020
How to keep boosting employee spirit during another lockdown
As restrictions began to lift following the first COVID wave in the UK/Ireland, some ...
2nd Nov 2020
Penetration testing: a huge asset for small businesses?
Penetration testing, also known as pen testing or ethical hacking, has become an increasingly popular ...
29th Oct 2020
Do you know how to identify a sophisticated email scam?
In April 2020, Google reported blocking over 18 million coronavirus scam emails daily. When you take regular ...
27th Oct 2020
Five steps for SMBs to deploy Microsoft Teams
More than 75 million daily active users rely on Microsoft Teams to conduct business, connect with ...
19th Oct 2020
Why Microsoft Azure is the way forward for SMBs
There is much talk in the tech and general media about how cloud computing is ...
19th Oct 2020
Are you getting the most out from your cloud investment?
Consolidating costs and staying on top of budget is more business critical than ever before. ...
14th Oct 2020
How can virtual desktops improve employee satisfaction during uncertain times?
Rewind a year ago and many businesses were hardwired in their offices. Virtual desktops were ...