Here at Plexus, our core business is supporting our customers with managed IT assistance every step of the way.

We provide fully comprehensive IT services which offer a range of management, monitoring and help services to ensure that any technical issues or queries are dealt with quickly, remotely and efficiently. Our team are proactive and flexible, ready to assist in implementing new systems, and keep them running smoothly and efficiently throughout your journey to achieve your business goals.

With a range of IT options for our business clients, at the heart of them all is our helpdesk. Our team is always on hand, live and ready to answer any and all queries that our clients may have. With a dedicated expert account manager at Plexus Business Solutions, you can rest assured that all of your information technology services are protected and monitored closely, keeping you, and your customers, safe on the internet. We give an independent assessment of your business’ needs, and provide ideas and innovative approaches on how to maximise return investment and get the best value from our expert solutions.

IT Support Services

IT Support is Plexus’s core business. We provide fully comprehensive IT support services offering all of the essential IT Support and Management services your business needs. From fully Managed IT Support, Proactive Monitoring Support, Helpdesk Support through to our Remote IT Support Service.

Proactive Monitoring

Our proactive system provides multiple levels of remote monitoring to ensure that your servers and IT services have maximum uptime.

Helpdesk Support

Our true, live helpdesk is the key to our expert IT support. You can call our team to remotely solve any technical issues that may arise in your business.

Ticket Management

We operate a remotely operated ticketing system, providing complete visibility for our business clients. Wae provide automated tickets, as well as our client support tickets.

Onsite Support

In addition to our helpdesk, our support team can provide onsite visits for essential repairs. We offer proactive assistance and maintenance visits in addition to reactive visits, and will work with your business in all things IT.

Systems Set-up

Sometimes setting up new IT systems can be daunting within a business. Our experienced team can not only implement new technology, but upgrade existing ones to meet individual specifications, as well as closely monitor changes and issues within your technology.

IT Roadmap

A clear, proactive roadmap plan will take your business from where you are now to achieving your future objectives. We’ll help you devise and produce a strategic roadmap for IT initiatives in your organisation, helping you to manage and develop your systems.

Account Management

All of our business clients are provided with a dedicated account manager to help maximise what you get from our IT services. Your account manager will monitor your computer systems remotely, giving you peace of mind that your business IT is supported efficiently.

Project Services

Plexus Business provides a flexible, remote, responsive and cost-effective project delivery service, no matter what your IT requirements are.