The top new features now available in Microsoft Teams

This summer has seen Microsoft launch a whole host of new features to their popular collaboration platform Teams. The features aim to improve the user experience, functionality and business benefits of the popular collaboration tool and help make it a great tool for businesses in every sector. So, without further ado let’s look at what these new features are and what the benefits are for your business.

Together Mode

The first new feature that we want to look at is something called Together Mode which has been designed to create a better video call experience by placing all participants together in a virtual space. Replacing the standard 3 X 3 boxed layout, participants will appear together in a virtual space such as a lecture theatre, coffee bar or meeting room and provide the feeling that you are all together. As all participants will be in the same location on every screen it makes it easier to read body language and visual cues, as well as helping to make calls more engaging.

This new feature can be selected from the menu section during a video call with the host being able to toggle between traditional gallery, large gallery and Together Mode. Using artificial intelligence, the new feature lets everyone appear in the same room helping to make engagement easier.

Advanced Communications Plan

Large businesses with more than 300 people can now run 1000-person interactive Teams meetings with the new Microsoft Teams Advanced Communications Plan. This new license costs £9 per user/month and brings custom branded meeting lobby controls and large overflow meetings of up to 20,000 attendees to the table. Designed for organisations with locations all around the world, the new communications plan helps bring all your remote teams together and host large scale, secure, branded meetings.

Meeting and Call Functionality

As well as brand new features, Microsoft has also updated some of the core functionality within Teams to help improve the user experience. While using the desktop app new calls or meetings will now pop out into a secondary window which means you are free to navigate around teams, reply to message and chats whilst you are in a call or meeting.

Updated Search Functionality

Looking for a specific message or file? Click on the chat or channel that you want to search and hit Ctrl and F to search within a specific chat or channel of your choice. Prior to this update all searches were carried out across all channels and chats meaning results weren’t as focused as you’d like.

Microsoft Teams Rooms

For businesses looking to upgrade their meeting room facilities the Microsoft Teams Rooms device is the perfect choice. There are a range of devices available which offer great functionality for businesses to be able to host physical and remote meetings at the same time. Some of the features that you will find in Microsoft Teams Rooms include:

One touch-join – Allows you to instantly start your meeting from your Microsoft Teams Room device. Participants can then be displayed on single or dual screen room setups.

Proximity detection – Makes it easy to discover and add nearby, available Microsoft Teams Rooms to any meeting.

Companion experiences with mobile – join and share content from mobile devices in content-only mode to make sharing easier.

Microsoft Teams Rooms is designed to work with conference telephones, speakerphones, desk phones and existing cameras, microphones and speakers to merge your physical and remote meetings. The devices offer a touchscreen control panel that lets you quickly and easily join new meetings, add participants, control attendees and share content.

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