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Get to know us better?

Let me introduce you to Plexus Business Solutions and highlight some of reasons why I believe we have such a strong relationship between staff and clients. Plexus as a company has been helping UK business owners and managers to use IT to reach their business goals since 2001. The business was started just after the Dot Com bubble and the Y2K bulge, so challenging times. Growth has been steady, based on delivering reliable support to clients. Since Business Continuity is a core service we offer, we don’t want to be the source of risks for clients who rely on us. Our ability to deliver complex business solutions at prices that meet SME budgets has made us the fastest growing IT consultancy company in our market sector. I’ve been helping businesses to achieve more through Information Technology for over 25 years, since the first PC was released in 1987. My technical strength lies in network systems and providing network support, and I’ve had several technical and technical management roles before forming Plexus. However, it’s the impact that IT has on my clients that fascinates me. Clients value my independent assessment of their needs, and the ideas, innovative approaches and recommendations I provide, which are aligned with their goals.

Ragnar Percy Bell Founder and MD of Plexus.