Are you getting the right remote working support from your IT provider?

Efficient and reliable IT support can make or break a business’ productivity; but it’s even more important now that so many employees are working remotely around the country. Before the pandemic, workers in an office environment could lean on colleagues for troubleshooting support if they were having IT trouble or ask a member of the tech department to take a look. Dedicated IT support for many small businesses has often been disregarded, seen as a luxury expense.

With most of the country still working from home, good quality remote IT support is a necessity for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Remote IT support should be a top priority for your IT provider, and you should be able to rely on them for efficient, remote-specific support around the clock.

IT support focused on remote working can offer key benefits, including:

·         A boost in workforce morale

While some employees thrive in a flexible/remote working environment, others struggle. This is particularly true for those who are less technically inclined. Wrestling with software can cause added stress when under pressure. Expert and easy to obtain support can help employees maintain their motivation and stress less. A knowledgeable support adviser offering the right assistance can also boost confidence in new technologies and help employees learn how to self-serve.

·         Decreased downtime

An IT provider that can offer a fast response to issues around the clock will naturally lead to less downtime for businesses. A timely response from your support function means issues can be addressed and fixed before they escalate. A remote-specific support function should also be available 24/7 in order to maximise employee productivity. Round the clock support can accommodate an increasing number of employees who work outside of the once traditional 9-5.

Other key features of remote-specific support include remote access and monitoring services. Remote access enables a business’ IT support to take control of an employee’s desktop, meaning an issue can be fixed quicker than if support were to talk the employee through the steps. IT support departments that offer monitoring can forecast or prevent issues more efficiently, often eliminating downtime altogether.

·         Expert advice and education

As the world embraces a flexible working era, there’s an increased need for advice and education around remote working set-ups. A good quality IT provider will be able to offer real-time productivity, security, and infrastructure advice.

Your IT provider should also offer education in the form of webinars, content materials and virtual training courses. While not a replacement for expert support, education can equip employees with the knowledge to distinguish between major and minor issues and troubleshoot the latter themselves.

Many IT providers will offer remote working specific support including the services mentioned in this blog, but it’s important that they are of a high standard. Out of hours support is of little use, for example, if the person at the end of the phone isn’t able to understand and troubleshoot the problem. Talk to us to learn more about our remote-specific IT support and how it can help your business maximise on productivity and reduce downtime.

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