How to protect Microsoft 365 with Cyber Backup

Microsoft 365 has long been the primary productivity solution for enterprises, but recently it has also become their go-to when it comes to security and resilience. Microsoft 365, however, shouldn’t be seen as a catch-all. While it provides excellent infrastructure resilience, enterprises have much to lose if they don’t pair it with a strong data protection solution.

Cyber Backup by Acronis provides easy to use, full backups of your Microsoft 365 data in a secure, compliant cloud environment. Anything from important emails to entire Microsoft Teams channels and SharePoint sites can be automatically protected from accidental deletion, disaster, or malware.

This protection allows you to back up directly from Microsoft’s data center, saving on training and maintenance costs while retaining detailed status monitoring and fast backup searches. When a disaster does happen, files can be recovered in seconds from a single, streamlined backup interface.

Why is it important to back up?

With threats to businesses’ data increasing significantly in recent years, a fully-fledged backup solution has become more and more important. According to Sonos, 48% of UK businesses were hit by ransomware attacks last year, and globally just 24% of such attacks were stopped before data was encrypted. Without a backup solution, enterprises can be looking at hundreds of thousands of pounds to recover, and many do not have cyber insurance that covers such costs.

Still, while ransomware is a concerning factor, accidental deletion is in some ways much harder to address. Even with a high degree of training, human error cannot be eliminated. Even some of the most important organisations in the country aren’t infallible, with the Met Office recently experiencing the accidental deletion of 400,000 crime records.

According to a survey by Databarracks, 31% of businesses experienced data loss due to human error in 2020. However, software failure, hardware failure, and data corruption also posed significant threats, at 24.50%, 25%, and 24%. These everyday occurrences are the most common causes of data loss, and something good security alone will not protect against.

Despite this, a shocking number of UK businesses do not have a robust data protection solution in place. Research from Beaming discovered that 17% of UK businesses don’t have backups at all, while 35% store their backup data on-premises. Many more store their data in public cloud apps that have been an increasing target for ransomware.

Don’t roll the dice on your data

The result of all this is that millions of UK businesses are at risk of data loss incidents that could take them out of business.  Acronis Cyber Protect can directly counter these concerns by providing 24/7 automatic protection for new Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams items. It also provides important safeguarding for OneDrive files, including their permissions.

By significantly reducing recovery time should an event occur, Acronis allows businesses to feel secure in their business continuity without the licensing, education, and integration costs associated with other software. This makes it an excellent pairing for any business that utilises Microsoft 365, and an essential one for those who do not have a proper backup solution in place.

If Acronis Cyber Protect sounds like the right solution for your business, get in touch with us to see how we can help with a hassle-free deployment.

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