ISO 27001

Plexus Business Solutions accredited to ISO 27001

Plexus Business Solutions has been assessed by ISO Quality Services Ltd and certified compliant for ISO 27001 Information Security Management which focuses on securing all forms of data both online and offline. The ISO 27001 standard provides the framework for an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS). It sets out the policies and procedures needed to protect your organisation. It includes all the risk controls (legal, physical and technical) necessary for robust IT security management.


In practice, this means that your sensitive information will be kept safe and secure, ensuring its integrity will be not be compromised. If you are partnering with a company that will have access to your confidential data, it is vital that they have a robust information security management system otherwise your business-critical data could be at risk.

WHAT IS ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard that describes best practice for an Information Security Management system, also known as ISMS. It is awarded to organisations that demonstrate the highest standards of security when handling information and data.


This certification is subject to ongoing internal and external audits. A full review of our systems is conducted every six months in order to ensure that we remain fully compliant.

Benefits to us:

Benefits to our customers:

Smoother running operations as responsibilities and processes are clearly defined.

An improved business image in the marketplace, customers have peace of mind that the company is trustworthy.

Working with a trustworthy provider maintains the company's own integrity to the safeguarding of its data.

Installs confidence further down the supply chain resulting in stronger customers / supplier relationships.