Turn your signature into a key brand & communication asset.

Letsignit is the market’s leading email signature manager to easily create, allocate and manage signatures and banners in Office 365 & Google accounts all from a centralised interface. Letsignit turns emails into a strong and cost-effective communication tool.


  • Brand harmonization with signatures
    Increase brand visibility by respecting your guidelines to maintain consistency on every platform.
  • Communication boost with campaigns
    Emails becomes a new marketing tool & a low-cost acquisition channel.
  • Simplicity through an intuitive tool
    Easy to deploy & easy to manage.
  • Performance statistics
    Number of clicks by signature or campaign, click through rate by signature or campaign, set a time span for your reports, global vision or detail by user.

“It is a tool that is both simple and powerful for standardizing employee email signatures and allows the signature to be treated as a new medium. It can be used as a low-cost acquisition channel. All this integrated into Office 365.”


Carole Benichou
Director of the Microsoft Office 365 division

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